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7 Ways You Could Be Making $1000 a Day (Online & Offline)


Let’s be frank from the start here, unless you’ve managed to land an absolute dream job, it’s going to be very hard to make a thousand dollars EVERY day.

Sure, there are a lot of ways to earn a thousand dollars a month from home with an online business or offline with a side job, but making a $1000 a day is a different story.

But it isn’t out of reach to make a thousand dollars in one day, so we’re going to talk about the various ways that you could do that.

Now, if you are looking to make a thousand dollars every day (on average, say, if you were making 7000 dollars in a week or 30,000 in a month) it isn’t impossible, but it’s going to require some serious effort and coordination on your part.

Sure, it could be done if you were a lawyer, or a CEO, or had one of these high paying jobs but it can also be done as a layman if you combine effort, critical thinking, and a little bit of luck.

1. Building up Multiple Streams of Income, Preferably Passive Streams of Income

We’ll cover this one first because it’s probably the most grounded way to approach this concept.

The best way to make 1000 dollars in a day isn’t by making a 1000 dollars off of one task, it’s by making 100 dollars off of 10 tasks.

Now, if I told you that you could make a 100 dollars in one day, that wouldn’t sound so extreme.

It’s all about finding a way to combine it all together, and building up over time.

Start by establishing a source of passive income, like getting a promotional car wrap, or writing some online articles that pay per page view, like through HubPages.

You could start a blog, or a YouTube channel, and monetize it.

These are all good ways to get started with passive income.

2. Starting Multiple Businesses

When it comes down to it, doing business is really the only way you can build up these levels of passive income.

There will be more than one note about businesses on this list, because multiple businesses are more or less the sole way to get this level of income without an awesome corporate job. Online businesses are easy to run and only require a few hours a week to maintain.

There are the options of monetizing blogs and YouTube channels discussed above, but you could also get into something like crowdfunded T-shirt designs (ala Teespring or SpreadShirt) or selling your handmade wares (ala Etsy or Origami Owl.)

Of course, if you’re making the products yourself, you are going to need to add a significant amount of time in developing and production, which is really going to cut your bottom line.

Avoid websites like Fiverr, as they require far too much work for too little a pay to hit those big dollars we’ve got in mind.

3. Managing a Lawn-Care Business

Assuming this service hasn’t already been soundly covered in your area, you can easily snag up some money by doing lawn-care for multiple neighborhoods.

Work out some agreements with some homeowners and hire people to do the work.

Pay your workers at a rate where you can both satisfy them and leave some profit for yourself.

It doesn’t have to be a big profit for you– this is all about the big picture.

Grow your business as much as you can, spread through word of mouth and offer occasional deals.

Diversify your services and offer seasonal lawn care (like snow-shoveling and leaf removal).

If you play your cards right, this can be the simplest, most direct way to establish yourself in the business world.

4. Get Into the Sale of Big Ticket Items

This one is more in the vein of “official employment”.

Landing a commission based job with a high rate (insurance agents, car sales, and real estate all fit the bill) is a great way to earn big dollars if you have any skills in sales.

You have to have it in you to work out deals with your customers that allow you to obtain a juicy profit, so this option is definitely personality-dependent.

However, if you are naturally skilled in sales, this type of job has a low barrier of entry and a high outlier of monetary success.

Salespeople are constantly turning over for employment since it requires the right touch to succeed.

If you have the will, there are almost definitely sales jobs in your area right now.

5. Land a High-Paying Job

OK, OK, so this one is kind of a no-brainer.

We’d all be doctors and lawyers if we could, right?

There is an obvious barrier to entry here, but this list wouldn’t be very thorough if we didn’t accept it as an option.

Yes, if you invest the time and energy to meet the prerequisites these jobs require, your desired income is within reach.

You might already be thinking, “but if going to school for 10 years was part of my plan, I’d have done it already!”

Touche, good reader, that’s a fair point. But did you know there are 100k a year jobs that DON’T require college education?

Look into becoming an Air Traffic Controller. It’ll take some special educating of its own, but only that. This is a high stress, high focus job, so be aware of that going in.

6. Learn to Flip or Refurbish

This one is more in the vein of “making a thousand dollars in ONE day” than “making a thousand dollars EVERY day,” but it still belongs on this list!

If you have any manual skills, you can learn to flip or refurbish and make solid profits on it.

Buy a good car with a shoddy transmission for 3k, fix it up, polish it, sell it for 6k.

That’s solid, basic business in its raw form.

You could also do other types of flipping, like flipping furniture, or flipping houses (the highest effort and profit margins of them all!).

I actually wrote a post about making an easy $500 a week on Craigslist by flipping items. It’s not too far fetched to think that by scaling up that method you could earn up to $1000 a day.

This one has a barrier of entry for different reasons, but flipping has been the ally of the handyman for many years already.

Manually skilled readers should definitely consider this as an avenue for revenue if they are capable.

7. Start a Blog

You may laugh at this, but I speak from experience. Although I don’t make $1000 every single day from my blogs, I do have days where I make that much.

Furthermore, I know bloggers who consistently make a thousand or more a day from their blog.

Of course, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, as well as a very good niche that you can monetize your blog based on.

If you are new to blogging, read this short guide to learn how to get started.

Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side

Now, if you’re looking for easy ways to make an extra few hundred dollars a month here and there in your spare time, you’re in luck. We have shared hundreds of easy and quick wasy of doing juts that.

Take a look at thee posts for great money making ideas that will help you earn extra cash every day.

We have a lot more. Feel free to use the search bar on the homepage to find other similar posts.

You can also use search on Google by entering, “ make extra money” (without the quotes) in the search box.

In Closing

Making a thousand dollars in a day is a reality, if you have the drive to make it.

Why make 500 dollars in a week? If you don’t want to settle for your fixed wages, try giving the tips on this list a try. They’re a lot more realistic once you’ve actually tried to accomplish them.

Of course, remember the golden rule of business: money makes money.

If you inject a little bit of cash into your various business ventures, you’ll increase your overall margins.

DO pay for advertising on your businesses, DO pay your subordinates good wages. The more willing you are to spend money to make money, the more realistic a thousand dollars in a day becomes.

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