CryptoTab Browser – A browser where you can earn bitcoin


Sup guys, have you all heard about the CryptoTab browser?

Since the inception cryptocurrency, crypto space has made everyone crazy and in the news.

I got to know about cryptocurrency when I started surfing the internet about how i could make cool cash. I came across CrytoTab browser at that time it was looking to be total scam, but now scenario is different, it has become legit and revolutionary.

Someday I was thinking what if I’ve mined bitcoin at that early stage and as per my calculation I’ve found that I was able to mine 200+ Bitcoins per day.

The interesting part of it all is that you can continue to earn bitcoins as long as your CrytoTab browser page is up and online.

Let’s head back to the main topic, nowadays mining difficulty of Bitcoin has become out of our scope, still I’ve found some sources to guarantee their legislations.

Few days back I’ve come to know about CrptoTab and I’ve given a try and since then I’ve earned 0.17 BTC approximately. Visit below image – 

Signup and get your account, then you can check your balance at –

If you would like to check, payout they’ve provided this option as well –

Visit their website for more information – CrytoTab Chrome Bitcoin Mining Extension

If any of you’ve used this tool before, you can share your comments and thoughts, you can suggest some improvements to this post as well.

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