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SGF said Nigeria Did Not ask for Madagascar’s cure for COVID-19


The Nigerian government has said it didn’t demand for COVID-Organics, a home grown medication utilized by Madagascar to treat COVID-19 patients.

The Secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha, made this known at the day by day Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 instructions on Thursday.

Mr Mustapha said the medication was offered as a general motion of ‘thoughtful love’ from the Malagasy government to every single African nation.

“Nigeria didn’t approach Madagascar for any arrangement, the Madagascar government chose to transport amounts implied for African nations.

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“It was taken in the soul of African selfless love to Guinea Bissau and we have asked our diplomat there to build up the area, the amount and he has done that,” he said.

Mr Mustapha, at a past preparation, had noticed that the natural medication will experience standard approval process before it tends to be considered for use in Nigeria.

He likewise said he had gotten directions from President Muhammadu Buhari to make courses of action to cargo it home, “with a reasonable guidance that I should expose it to the approval procedure like what will befall some other medication or syrup or antibody that is found or made inside.”

“So it will be exposed to a similar procedure before it is placed into any type of utilization. There’ll be no exemption for that,” he said.

Nigeria is relied upon to get a few examples of the home grown medication which is being utilized to apparently treat and forestall COVID-19 in Madagascar.

In spite of the fact that the utilization of the home grown solution for treat COVID-19 patients has been trailed by a great deal of discussions, nations like Tanzania, Comoros, Guinea-Bissau, and the Republic of Congo have demonstrated enthusiasm for the home grown cure.

The home grown medication was created by Malagasy Institute of Applied Research.


In the interim, Mr Mustapha, who serves as the Chairman of the Task Force, said Thursday that the transfer implied for Nigeria was at this point to be gotten from Guinea Bissau.

This, he stated, is because of troubles with worldwide cargo in the current pandemic.

He, nonetheless, noticed that all West African nations were relied upon to connect with Guinea Bissau to gather their segment.

“That of West Africa was taken to Guinea Bissau so all the individuals from ECOWAS have their items offloaded in Guinea Bissau and that was the one I alluded to that we were making game plans to clear.

“We need to make courses of action for its freighting out of Guinea Bissau, yet there are no flights.

“The transfer implied for West Africa was dropped in Guinea Bissau and each ECOWAS part country has been approached to go to Guinea Bissau and pick.

“It isn’t our need now, it isn’t our center, there are different things that we are managing to ensure that we contain the spread in our country,” he said.


Mr Mustapha additionally denied charges that the administration deserted endeavors by Nigerian researchers to build up a homegrown remedy for the coronavirus.

He said endeavors are continuous to support neighborhood creation of a potential COVID-19 fix.

“I have reliably spoke to those in the field of advancement in medication and distinctive development to submit what they need to NAFDAC.

“Anything you need to bring into this nation; be it food or medications, you should expose it to the approval procedure of NAFDAC and that is the reason all things convey NAFDAC number.

“Be that as it may, the impression out there is as though we relinquished homegrown arrangement and we were searching for Madagascar arrangement,” he said.

NAFDAC as of late declared that it had just gotten one proposition for a potential prescription to handle COVID – 19 ‘side effects’ and not an immunization proposition.

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