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[Breaking News] So sad Majek Fashek dies at 57


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Majek Fashek the Nigerian reggae legend has died at the age of 57.

The entertainer, well known for hits, for example, Send Down the Rain thus Long for Too Long, kicked the bucket in his sleep in bed in New York, his chief Omenka Uzoma told Mp3gger’s crew.

Composing on Instagram, Mr Uzoma said it was “a period for all of us to praise his accomplishments, and not grieve”.

The artist, whose genuine name was Majekodunmi Fasheke, additionally worked with stars like Jimmy Cliff, Tracy Chapman and Snoop Dogg.

“He’s done a great deal for Nigeria and Africa,” his administrator said.

Majek Fashek had been sick for quite a while yet the reason for his passing isn’t clear.

He was attracted to reggae during the 1980s at a moment that highlife and juju were progressively prevailing in Nigeria.

The craftsman said Bob Marley was a significant impact as a result his melodic style and looks reflected the Jamaican legend.

His 1991 song So Long for Too Long, which conveyed a solid political and pan African message picked up Majek Fashek approval across Africa.

The melody was a call for Africans to ascend, both in the mainland and those in the diaspora.

He likewise composed the melody Free Africa, Free Mandela, requiring the arrival of the pioneer of the African National Congress in South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

Majek Fashek

As an indication of his universal reach, he showed up in 1992 on the prominent David Letterman talk appear on US TV, where he sang So Long for a really long time.

In the mid 2000s there were reports that the performer was battling with his wellbeing.

Photos of a thin Majek Fashek stunned Nigerians who were worried about the star.

In 2015, he invested some energy in a medication recovery focus in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja.

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